Famous Quotes – By Me

“Sometimes the words, “I can’t” can be loosely translated as, “I don’t want to.”

“Too often we educate ourselves just enough to become self-righteous: that’s when we begin to preach.”

“Faith does not protect us from life, or death; it only provides us with what we need to endure either of them.”

“Fear of death makes liars of us all.”

“It’s too bad The Baker Act was not in force when Darwin concocted the ‘Theory of Evolution.”

“The appreciation of ‘fine art’ is too often preceded by steeping oneself in popular opinion and swallowing a generous portion of pretentiousness.”

“It certainly appears that music, art, religion, as it is with food; are an acquired taste.”

“…to enact the Baker Act Florida, there must be substantial evidence that an individual has a mental illness as explained in the Baker act, or there is intent to harm oneself, others, or be self-neglectful as described in the Baker act.” There’s definitely enough evidence; all that is needed now is to go to the White House and get him!

Every religion fleeces its flock by claiming speak with the voice of God.