Heavenly Gate Hotel! All are welcome!

All new arrivals must check in at the front desk. No need to ring the bell, we’ll be waiting for you, and we expect you will be traveling light! Lots of vacancies, even though no one ever checks out! Activities around the hotel include: well, that’s up to you! Right? I mean, this is Heaven, you can do whatever you like! Right? Well, almost! So, then, what will you do? Have a piƱa colada? No? Sit on a cloud, perhaps, playing a harp and just daydreaming? Sorry, no vestal virgins here! No fountains full of Jack Daniels! So, what’s your plan?

It is so amazing that everyone wants to go to heaven, or so they think, anyway, but, any thought of what is to be done after arriving? Not usually! If heaven is the answer to all of our problems, then WHY is everyone so afraid of death? Give me a stroke or a nice, quick heart attack while I’m sleeping! What more could a guy ask for? I’m ready to check in!

Or is it, perhaps, that we are frightened by the LIE that the churches feed us of a place of EVERLASTING TORMENT? Perhaps that is motivator for not giving up this life we currently have? Of course, there is no such place, another pure fabrication of Catholicism by twisting the words of the one person who knew the most about heaven and what it meant to be there, and what there was to do there, and he knows a lot more than that and is willing to share.

Think about it! GOD IS LOVE! Would a God of LOVE give you a life you didn’t ask for, torment you the entire time you are living that life, and then tell you, like it or not, do as I say or I will torture you FOREVER AND EVER AND…

Well, you get the picture. Or do you?

Someone once asked this: Did your parents ever catch you at something you were not SUPPOSED to do; like a crime so heinous that you had to spend a day, or maybe even days in the house, or in your room? Probably have, right? But, have you ever done something so heinous that your parents switched on the burner of the kitchen stove and held your hand over the burner until the flesh began to melt away? No! Absolutely not! Why not? No right-minded parent would ever consider doing such a thing, and if they did, they would be in prison a long-long time!

BUT…the churches claim that their God does these things to billions of people, and FOREVER, at that! Ah, but God is different than parents, right? According to the churches, our Creator who gave us life is willing to melt our flesh from our bones repeatedly, from the moment of our death, throughout eternity! Does that make a lot of sense to you! “The wicked must be punished, shouldn’t they?”

HOW UTTERLY RIDICULOUS! The Bible I read, every version, every translation, says, “God is a god of Love,” and that, “Jehovah is a God, merciful and gracious, abundant in loving kindness and truth.” Not a God of torment and torture. If you want to know how I know that fairy tale is NOT TRUE, there are those who teach truth, and not the hypocritical lies of the churches. Take a look at this: w73 4/15 pp. 232-241