Everyone Has A Tattoo…

It takes more than a little bit of genius to know, or perhaps, better said, to recognize, that you are not one. I mean, okay, so you can solve a puzzle; perhaps a riddle or two; you can connect dots into mysterious patterns, or make the lines meet without crossing one another; even even tango with Fibonacci, but with all of that, what do you have? Does a passing score truly mean you’re a genius? A genius at taking tests, perhaps? I worked with several of those! It begs the question; where is all of this genius being put to use and what are the fruits of all of that brain power? True genius is expressed by and through productive results is it not, and is most often expressed in a particular field of endeavour?

Like the beauty of artwork in the eye of the beholder, perhaps what we title ‘genius’ is very much the same? Our deficit, is their gain; we’re short so they appear to be tall? You have perhaps heard of, and/or recall the old quote attributed to Albert Einstein regarding The Tree Climbing Fish:
Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid
Well, by clicking on that quote above, you will be taken to “Quote Investigator,” where you will find that, this supposed quote of the “genius” Albert Einstein, was actually not his quote at all.

The article points out, in fact, ” The earliest evidence of a close match known to QI appeared in 2004, and that is decades after the death of Einstein in 1955.” Claiming that this “allegory” has been in circulation for a hundred years, the article goes on to say, “There is no substantive evidence that Einstein made this statement. It does not appear in the comprehensive collection of quotations “The Ultimate Quotable Einstein” from Princeton University Press.” (quoteinvestigator.com) So why attribute it to him? Obviously to give it some credence and to make it sound so much more than it was intended to be. To be sucked up by do-gooders who feel every child is a genius in his or her own right.

The fact of the matter is, NOT everyone is a genius and not everyone will have a field in which they express genius, as evidenced among the masses of humanity today. Some of us are just plain mediocre. Myself, for example, the one person I know so intimately that I am certain that I am not a genius, that is, although I do have a bit more ingenuity than many when it comes to mechanics and problem solving, which some have referred to it as genius, still, I know that there is too much to learn about life in general, too many things I cannot do or even begin to comprehend to ever begin to classify myself, or anyone else I know for that matter, to be a true genius.

Genius can also be misguided as history has so often proved. Take, for example, the case of Charles Darwin and his ridiculous “theory” of evolution! By comparison, alien abduction is more plausible and has less “holes” in the stories than Darwin’s bunk. I would even go so far as to include the so-called father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. Shere guesswork paraded as plausible science. In their cases, and others like them, their so-called genius led them over the hill and got them lost in the forest of thinking. This is where one of the very good and actual quotes that Albert Einstein did coin applies: “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

We all, do we not, “take the doctor’s word for it!” So to speak? Too often, simply because we see PHD, or MD behind a name, we assume they know what they are talking about. We might even assume that they are a genius. But then we come to recognize that they, like us, are human and far to often mistaken in their reasoning and thinking. So many times has mankind been bamboozled (whether or not intentionally) by those who appeared to be so smart; such a genius! Men and women who have set themselves on the pedestal of superiority and fed us their brilliant oratory, often leading people to, quite literally, “drink the Kool-Aid.”

So why do we want, or look for ‘genius’? Why do we classify people s such? We all know that people, in general, are followers; mere lemmings who, caught up in the crowd, simply run along blindly. You salute your flag unquestioningly, you march off to war without reasoning, you are, perhaps, entranced with the latest fashion and hair designs, you purchase your art because of the signature rather than the work itself, or any of the other myriad of things that pleases the crowd, the most common of which is the fanaticism behind sports, and sports figures, movie stars, rock stars, etc., and so on! “It’s what everyone is doing! So cool!” Children are often pushed by their parents toward these things! There are even schools for children to become Youtube Stars!

Personally, I have read enough of history, observed enough behavior over the past sixty seven years, to know how memetics work, in that, if The Rolling Stones have a tattoo, then EVERYONE has to have a tattoo. If the Pope says it’s true, well then, EVERYONE says it’s true. The primary issue with this is that lemmings cannot figure out WHO to believe anymore; who is being truthful and who is being disingenuous! Consequently the tide keeps shifting, like flocks of birds in the sky, swinging violently enmasse in all directions. A few months ago the populace hated Muslim immigrants, now they hate Mexican immigrants; with every shift in news media opinion, so shifts the opinions of the populace. A constant folie à deux, a group-egomania that causes confusion, depression, animosities, and descension.

Of course, there is no greater manipulator of this facet of human behavior, than that one which the lemmings have put into power. He knows exactly which hate-groups to entice. He feeds just enough opinion to aggravate his constituents, and throws just enough intimidation into the mix to stir the pot and get it boiling, whether by outright lies and misinformation, or simply ‘tweeting’ his opinions; then he walks away, calling himself a genius. He should have a cast on each arm from so much patting himself on the back.

No, there are very few “geniuses” in the world, if they actually do exist beyond, as I said, those who express a reasonable amount of genius in specific areas of their lives. Given the choice, however, of who to follow in this world, I choose nobody. There is no religious leader, politician, sports figure, movie star, scientist, philosopher, or any other of the so-called geniuses that I wish to be like, to emulate, or to claim as one worth following.

There is only one whom I would be ‘like’ if I could, and his standards are so high above me that I cannot begin to approach His level, in neither His genius, nor His truth.