“Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggerman, Thief”

What does that title have to do with anything spiritual, or theocratic, or anything related to what we become as we age and learn? Oddly, when I thought about how to respond to some recent events in relation to my own spirituality, that saying was the first thing that popped into my mind. Look it up and you may be able to relate it, as I did, to the current topic.

There is an old saying that goes: “Never discuss religion or politics in polite company,” and there is sage advice being offered therein. My own thought is this: “Before you try to convince another person of your beliefs, whether simply politic, or religious, consider the fact that you may soon make for yourself a new enemy.” In other words, people do not like their beliefs being questioned or undermined as it causes them insecurity and spawns fear, and fear turns quickly into anger, and anger into resentment.

As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a long time ago I used to preach from door-to-door, and one of the lessons I learned was to convey Bible messages gently. Someone described challenging other’s beliefs as “yanking the rug out from under them.” Nobody likes hitting the floor unexpectedly. Ours is a God of peace and love, is it not? Or is it? It all depends on the situation.

My cousin is a Scientologist, and as she recently asked me to mention this fact, she said: “Don’t forget to make sure the viewers (i.e. readers of my postings) know I am the 1st Scientologist in the family. And proud of it. I know it will be helping mankind repair this messy planet’s ethics.”

Do I agree with her, and do I believe she is correct in her thinking? I do not.

My son is an existentialist, somewhat along the line of the Scientologist, but without the Scientological precepts of the thetan and the eight dynamics, or impulses toward survival, etc. He recently sent a book for me to read, which I did, on the subject of Conquering the Internal Nature; Raja Yoga, to try to help me find inner peace and some semblance of happiness. He did this in response to a text message that I sent to him in regard to my rapidly fading peace of mind.

Do I agree with Raja Yoga, or the existentialist beliefs of my son? I do not.

However, I take no offense toward either of their actions to help me, and I respect that both are set in their own course toward their pursuit of eternity.

And this is why…

Rather than go into a lengthy dissertation of my belief in the Bible and why I know it is far and above everything else mankind has to offer in regard to the pursuit of life, inner peace, and happiness; suffice it to say that the knowledge I gained, and came to understand, is from the oldest, most widely read book in the world.

The Bible contains the writings of those with whom The God; a God of unimaginable longevity and power, communicated directly, and they, in turn, penned the words we read today. This God; a living author who guards and maintains the accuracy of the record given, has put within us a spirit that can readily understand its contents, if only we throw aside all other preconceived and falsely taught notions of what it contains.

The Hindu belief system as well as the teachings of Scientology claim that the creator is a god in absentia; who is nothing more than a source of power by which we happen to exist, but over which, we, individually, will gain control as we meditate and pass through the circles which, by the way, exist in some form in both belief systems, as does the number eight. (I still have yet to understand the significance of each but will continue to research.)

The Bible record shows us that, when mankind rebelled against their creator by accepting the fallen angel, Satan, who the Hindu refers to as Iblis, and who mislead mankind even in the Hindu belief; according to the Bible, God, our Creator, Elohim, Jehovah, call the Creator what you will; Satan called God a liar when he told the woman, Eve, “You positively will NOT die.” The exact opposite of what the creator told her would happen if she disobeyed that one rule regarding eating from the Tree of Knowledge.

On this basis alone, i.e. judging from all that I know of the Bible and learned in regard to Scientology, and Hinduism; both the Hindu, and the Scientologist are mistaken in thinking that they are immortal. Man DOES NOT HAVE an immortal soul, and not even the Bible teaches such. In fact, in the King James version of the Bible (the most archaic English translation available to us) the Bible book of Ezekiel states, ” The soul that sinneth, it shall die.”

This notion of immortality was concocted by false religion; the Roman hijackers of Christianity who in 325 AD “adopted” a corrupted form or Christianity as the state religion, and from that adulteration of Christianity, the schisms that became today’s churches teach and preach. The attempts to bend and twist Roman hedonism and demonic teachings to fit the Bible are what causes the confusion and makes the Bible nearly impossible to understand, and is what lead up to, and caused such bloodshed and torment for mankind down through the dark ages, and up to our very day.

Hinduism was formulated as late as the Vedic period, c1500-322 BCE, without God’s inspiration, or so says the Yogi, God left it to us to seek God on our own and to elevate ourselves to perfection, again, according to the Yogi. During that same time period, however; the Jews were in direct contact with the Creator via Moses and others of the prophets. God, The Creator, Lord, Elohim, Jehovah, taught Moses the history of creation and the logical succession and progression toward true enlightenment, the coming of the Christ, the savior of mankind. It is this Creator. whom we call Jehovah, that will elevate mankind and bring them back to the perfection they gave away through the deception of Iblis/Satan, at mankind’s beginning.

Then, during the “Great Awakening” of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, new religions sprang up everywhere across America, including Mormonism, Orthodox sectarianism, reformed churches, etc., and so on, and among which came the beginnings of Scientology, which began in the 1940’s with L. Ron Hubbard’s first thesis on Dianetics.

As to Jehovah’s Witnesses, however, no man formulated what I or they believe. No Charles Taze Russell, no Joseph Rutherford, et al. Those were merely men who began a campaign of Bible teaching and distribution, but the ‘religion’ itself, the Bible, Christianity, Christ Jesus and his teachings…they were still those same words communicated directly by the Creator to mankind all the way back to the very first man and woman, Adam and Eve.

That said, then, do I need to look further? Is our life really about elevating ourselves? Reaching new heights of ‘awakening’ and exerting our power and, as the Yogi says, “becoming God”? Do we, can we, truly become transcendent and go beyond the powers that are “normal” to mankind, or is that immortal being, that Iblis (Satan) still around? Are that creature and his cohorts perhaps responsible for those who ‘appear’ to exert power beyond what is normal? Powers which they (demons) still have and use.

Jesus teaching was, and is, about abandoning our selfish interests. “If anyone wants to come after me, let him disown himself…” Jesus said. (Matthew 16:24) Jesus told those who claimed to ‘want the truth,’ that by gaining God’s spirit, they would be able to accomplish anything. “If you had faith the size of a mustard grain, you would say to this black mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea!’ and it would obey you.” (Luke 17:6) The apostle Peter actually walked on water for a short distance. Apostles were given the ability to cure illnesses by a single touch of the hand. Prophets were also granted the use of some slight miraculous powers. Miraculous in the sense that God granted it. The did not “attain” to it by some meditation or self-indulgent practice.

Therefore, until I can see any significant reason to abandon what I know; to throw aside the only true communication mankind ever received from the creator of all things, I am not willing to abandon it simply because most people cannot understand it (or-if you wish-interpret it). When one will do as Jesus said, “disown himself” and recognize the corrupt nature of the churches teachings, and abandon all preconceptions and false beliefs, only then will the true power of the Truth be recognizable and useful.